whine whine!!!whine!!

Hello guys!!!!
Such a special day....
I love todays's look even if there's something wrong in both my hair
(I gotta puff it way more later) and in my eye make-up
I loved the make-up I made yesteday a lot!!!
All crossed fake lashies
2 at the top and as bottom lashes

http://lh5.ggpht.com/_5YupPFLIJiI/TR3QAE3LpSI/AAAAAAAAG0A/zzSJwCg7-iM/s640/ef413e5aadcbaec3b20512f9ce46b1a7.JPG http://lh5.ggpht.com/_5YupPFLIJiI/TR3PcFETciI/AAAAAAAAGz4/Y3ryN4KBILo/s640/feb0484ea13d1aadc4c5a6560c77198b.JPG

a special day....
not for the New Year
I wont tell you why

I hate 31st-1st celebration a lot .....
i'm not a calendarmaker....I dont care
[but I'm a numerology freak !!!!]

If I decide to party -____- I gotta change
something to this new dress I got

All I want to do is drinking sweet whines
not celebrating and BLA BLA BLA :P

Here is the hair and so

http://lh3.ggpht.com/_5YupPFLIJiI/TR3RNHEdJkI/AAAAAAAAG0Y/lxNUNgtrMys/s640/3a74e6f9b4cd8b7dd8e36abcc87c1a0d.JPG http://lh6.ggpht.com/_5YupPFLIJiI/TR3Qa65tDEI/AAAAAAAAG0M/vgg22oYHe3U/s640/3b5cf5b76142d62f23da3ea58de2cfd4.JPG
OK KIDDO!this is for strong ppl only ok????
ps: I feel like doing a cosplayI want to be LAYLA/AISHA from WINX CLUB I'm not an anime lover at all butshe's my favourite character and it's my lil sister idol with USAGI TSUKINO


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