AV 黒ギャル

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極上GALMAX (ギャルマックス) 2010年 10月号 [雑誌]

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quote from last entry
<< Many AV/PORN 黒ギャル magazines (and videos)
[they are my main inspiration and I started loving
them way before the AV GALS boom in 2007 *PROUD*]
I'll make some entries about AV GYARU mags and so>>
I couldnt resist posting this

✿AV黒ギャル monthly+ magazines:SUZY,GALMAX,CHOBERICOMI,トーキョウバッドガールズ,Tokyo GALS COLLECTION & RAIZO

トーキョウバッドガールズ VOL.9 (ミリオンムック 94 プレミアムシリーズ)
TOKYO GALs COLLECTION (トーキョウギャルズコレクション) VOL.8 2010年 12月号 [雑誌] TOKYO GALs COLLECTION (トーキョウギャルズコレクション) VOL.6 2010年 10月号 [雑誌]


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I can openly say PORN is my fav movie field since
I was a kid :P
As to AV GYARU I mainly look at them for the
fab styles of the actresses ....
sometime the sex is boring sometimes is WOW
hiihihihihihihi it depends uh-uh
Last AV GYARU I saw are these two

I) lovely style *ç* and boring sex [with a story]
II) I 'm in love with the gal with bob hair [LEFT]
DAMN I love her sex scenes ihihih and her lovely
squirting ....her ass....I LOVE HERR!!!
she really enjoy having sex with the guys here

I gotta go to bed now!!!!


Love Jade said...

I LOVE AV!! Thank You very much for all the pics!!

☆말가리타☆ AKA ☆dr.Queenie (Ichigo)☆ said...

ihihi I knew you liked this entry honey ^^ ihihih
i'm part Brazilian myself too ihihihi


★Lisha☆ said...

Love av gals!!! They are a big inspiration for me!
If i would have saw this stuff about a yr after i got into gal,lordy,...who knows where id end up?!