circle lenses and boring stuff

riHello minna!

Damn it's almost 2011....
so excited!!!!!
on 9th Jan it's my Bday and then
on 13 does a month full of exams

I gotta change my hair for exams
I usually want to pop up even more
to feel more confident

And when male teachers* see that a very
sexy and classy young girl is also
smart they end up giving the highest
mark ...ihihiihih TRICKS

*female ones start hating you and act like bitches
 at first ....then they change their way of acting but....
I decided not to study hard in any case....I want to serve my energies and
only trying to impress them XD  I always thought like this
studying =/= knowing
HOPE TO BREAK [in Italian slang BREAK is like 'having success']

and finish this 3rd and last year at University YAY!!!wish me luck

the lash glue sucked

mmhhh here i'm wearing pink lenses...supernudies everybody love
my meiku is so messy.....damn....I hate it!!!! 

16mm dont look huge on me .....
[if BLACK they definitely do]
The color is so natural
like a mixture of sand brown 
and light violet

  next entries will concern

video tutorial sharing [nails, meiku,brows ....]
my strange obsessions
my videos
some outfits
ispirational gaijin gyaru
AV sex toys
Italian first GYARU-SA
polyglottery & study tools

....maybe..... ahahah



Love Jade said...

I didn't know you were from Italy!

I love your language, I wish I could learn, is so close to portuguese!!

☆말가리타☆ AKA ☆dr.Queenie (Ichigo)☆ said...

i'm a Dominican with Brazil in blood ^^ ihihhi

yep in many cases is closer than Spanish .....