quick update +MUST HAVE emoda jeans

Hello minna!!!!!
Yesterday I went to TALLY WEIJL to
buy the things I listed in previous post
but it was all sold out!!!
I've been said all the stuff is at the bigger
TALLY WEIJL in the centre so I'll go there
I bought one of those black fur leg warmers
& I got so many compliments ....I'll show you
why in the next entry maybe

I'm at home 2day and I wont g out today
the weather sucks -___-

This was the sexy outfit I was wearing

Over the knee boots,kimono silk shirt +mini skirt

I didn't like EMODA and mode gyaru at all
till few days ago..... now it's LOVE/HATE

Now..... I picked two EMODA pieces I think I want to
get DAMN!!!!!
I'm gonna pay about 100-120 Euro for both the pants
but I'll be able to buy them only by JAN of FEB
I hope they will be available or that my taste wont change

I think it's something to try and I LOVE the korean
influence it has ..... [the round bangs,the baby pink
or orangish lipstick,silky headscarf end classy
'model' attitude] So....I see this way of dressing like
the korean-onee style I've always lurked ^^

I love MODE gyaru LEGWEAR a lot .....leggings and sexy
jeans are SEXY and the silky headscarf look is so classy

I dont think mode is my game.....
you know...looking for more than 3 pics of it
it's damn boring for me....

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