IPHONE & ERIKONAIL keitai part.1

[Fabo not-so-long nails I'm in love with]
this entry has got 12 big pics
if you can't see any feel free to ask me!!!!

Entry points:
Iphone deco cases
Girly DOCOMO F-08A mobairu
kawaii&gyaru Iphone applications

Ok ...I finally REALIZED Iphone rocks so I'm getting an
Iphone 3gs with 32GB (I won an auction today)and
I'm gonna use it as MP4/MP3 ,wifi ,games and apps device

I love decoden but I rarely get amazed buy deco stuff I see online
I found some deco cases I absolutely gotta have and I can say
I'm in love with the 3 makers taste

1.Misty Bling Furry deco case! I never saw something like that!!!! WOW

2. Super Shinning deco case. Sakurina would LOVE this one and I do!!! WOW

3.Deco5444 it's my favourite!!!!



teddy said...
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teddy said...

Please send me email sarlrappel@hotmail.com
I Want buy your iPhone case thankyou

yoka said...

need oneee >.< where can i buy them??