I'll tell you a secret

Hello Minnasan!!!! 期間限定えもじ
Today I feel so damn inspired!!!! Now is 5PM here in Italy & I'm gonna stay up studying 2night
I'm a 12-18h of study in a day girl but since studying is a fun thing for me I need to get motivated and being happy to do it....I can't and I say I physically can't study if I don't want it 100% ..... I'm an ALL or NOTHING girl ...... YEAH!!!
*internet is a great distraction by the way....damn girl get a life!!!*期間限定えもじ

SEX I remember I not-directly mentioned I was a 'money mistress' in a previous entry
well....  I've never considered myself a Mistress ....I'm kinda like a Princess with some human pets to play with ....ihihihih
Gyaru Lisha is a Dom so you can check these two entries at her own blog about the topic:
http://lishamisha22.blogspot.com/2010/10/bdsm.html   and  http://lishamisha22.blogspot.com/2010/10/bdsm-2.html
I'm a very spiritual person and as I am I'm against fake moralism ....there are so many wrong things in this world and being spoiled and play with a strapon is just good imho
BAD/GOOD doesn't exist itself

<<I have been asked to do 'hostess' job from last year till nowadays so maybe....going at 期間限定えもじ期間限定えもじdinner and so without having sex  ..but..I don't trust...... >>


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