Sweeth XMAS time


I seriously gotta start study hard for my invernal session [holy exams]

and collect money to spend 2011 February(and maybe March also) in Beijing*China YAY!!!
I listed some GAL  stuff I saw on taobao and I most like/need 
it's about 100+ items for a total of 690<750 Euro and so +internal shipping and SHIPPING2 Italy fee
so I think it should be better and smarter to :
ISTOP listing up all fancy gal stuff I see on TAOBAO &
IIspend that time studying my Mandarin,Japanese and Korean instead  so
IIIIn february I'll be relaxing there in China and I will buy whatever i want there...without hundread Euros shipping fees and problems ....DECIDED!!!
The things I need now will be bought in different webbies and in chinese princess OFFLINE stores here in Milan (it depends on the period but sometimed they got FABOLOUS gal and hime stuff)
some friends are also going to Japan the same period for 2 months so I can ask to send me to China or bring me some stuff 

Since sending is the topicfinding a female snail mail penpal with my interests is not that easy. I find many japanese guys by the way....I think a guy who love sexy mulatas and AV gyaru it's way more suitable for me....AHAHAHA so i'll keep on with such 'e-penpals'   note:I ain't got female friends around me ...I got soulmates in female bodies by the way ..... UUUHHH

I really need restarting daily banba 期間限定えもじ
here is a 2009 selfexpl. animated GIF as reference The wig was so unplaced XD why???
damn I dont miss my brown GEO angelcolor! The grey ones were way better


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