kyabajo/キャバ嬢 style

Lately キャバ嬢  style is becoming my obsession
maybe cuz MOMOERI's my idol

I really want a lifestyle that could give me the opportunity
of dressing kyabajo and not only age嬢 .....

Do you know what I mean??
Liz Lisa,MA*RS,D.I.A,LA PAFAIT in the day +
KYABAJO long dresses by night
Maybe i should not deny the hostess jobs
500 Euro for a 5 hours of drinking and chatting
...It's all because i'm not single .....

Momoka is also a great inspiration cuz she's a gal mama
(maternity is my biggest goal,i can't live without children around)
,art director of BETTY(kyabajo/agejo magazine) and who know me
already know one of my dreams is being art director of a magazine
many other things uhuh

I'm totally in love with these 3 military kyaba dresses
since I saw them in this month's Ageha issue



Ain't they fabolous????

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