I really dunno Y...if I got 22 yo I came back living with my 'mother'(and my lil sister) even if I didn't wanted to....why damn!!!!
Last THU she gave away my wigs,hair pieces,many gal stuff,sexy stockings and so while I was at university!!! OO 

DAAMMNNN The lovely half wig I bought at StyleValley also!!!
I DIDT SAY ANYTHING CUZ I KNOW I'D JUST KEEP HER last 1500 Euro bag and her Rolex and resell to REBUY my stuff...damn woman!!!Just cuz she hate my own style.... My 12 pair circle lenses are in safe but I 2 were old so I stopped using them   WHY AM I SO A GOOD GIRL??? I think 70% of my stuff isnt here anymore.....DAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNN

I want MONEY back from her...
what should I do WITH her???  I got some Ideas


Anonymous said...

Can I ask u something?
Why U write 'mother' no just mother?

I wish live with my mother, i love her :*

and about this wig.. i don't like black hair colour but this wig is cool! :)

☆말가리타☆ AKA ☆dr.Queenie (Ichigo)☆ said...

couse she doesn't usually act as a mother...well...she act as an envy friend and overprotect me.... '__'