It' s s☆DESIRE 1st lovely GIVEAWAY !!!

期間限定えもじListen up GALS

Lovely gal blogger T. is having her 1st giveaway
 till 7 Sept ^m^   GO IN


Love the enthusiasm and sweetness she's doing it with so I decided to give it a try
You got the opportunity to share 3 links of lovelyshoes.net shoes with all us cute stuff lovers and win girly accessories and so on!
期間限定えもじsubminal-->she hates Tae Yang :P期間限定えもじ -->JK
GO CHECK IT OUT!! For me this is the 1st GIVEAWAY i do participate only cuz I'm in love with her LOL  + i trust in her good taste

You prob already know her but if you don't/didn't here is her prev blog 姫DESIRE  HIMEDESIRE @XANGA




Lili said...

Woow, your blog is so cute! I love it!
I really like too the blog Hime Desire, those girls are really cute. ˆ-ˆ
You should post more pictures of you, and more about you!

Anonymous said...

Hi beautiful!
U have so cute blog!!!
I add u to my fav ;)
have a nice day !