I'm so happy but also a bit 'anxious but really calm' cuz of some things happening

I think I need a giant shopping mission to stay 100%
& I'm hatin those 'few bux for 60 pairs' eyelashes I got this summer....you know...
they're too diff to wear IMHO
The things I'd get right now are semipermanet ones like these ones(NICORUN from Ranzuki)
*i'm in <3 with my own eyelashes too *

I'm dreaming about them since I saw SAYAKA's ones
Here in italy they're exp -,- I'll seek for it well when I'll be sure

  let my nails regrow this long in ⑧月 they were almost this length....3D decoed by me but the broke up and now 3 of them always break -___-''

I probably should eat better and put much effort on them....
Need to replace almost ALL my circle lenses
My 2009's 4 pairs GEO lasted a whole year VS I feel I need to 'replace' my sorted 2010's 8 pairs of circles after 3 months using them -,-  well prob I need to rebuy WONDEREYE in grey only but since they're my faves I'm making DRAMA ihihihi

LOVE 'BARBIE EYE SUPERNUDY in PINK' but not the bold-border one

I WON'T OPEN MORE THAN 4 PAIR at the same time ....



Anonymous said...

wow! your nails is amazing long! :)

black-sui said...

Thank you for your lovely post !!!
I love your blog,too !!!
You Nails *_* OMG!!!!!!!

☆말가리타☆ AKA ☆dr.Queenie (Ichigo)☆ said...

these are VIVI's nails!!
I used to have nails that long but these ones are inspirational and stop ^^ cuz at the moment mine break easily